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My Approach

Everyone deserves to be heard and feel understood. I aim to be a compassionate listening ear and an objective sounding board for my clients. My work is made richer by the varied experiences and perspectives of the people I see. I welcome and affirm individuals from all identities and backgrounds into my practice.

I draw upon a number of therapeutic frameworks including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), coaching psychology, as well as existential, narrative, and feminist theories to develop an individualized approach for each of my clients.

I believe one key to psychological well-being is learning to find a balance between acceptance and change. I use compassion and curiosity to discover, alongside my clients, areas of their lives where they can influence change as well as areas that are outside of their control. I find that intentionality, contemplative practices - such as meditation - and connection with one's body can be profoundly helpful in finding that balance.



I have been told that my presence is one of warmth and humor that puts others at ease. I value authenticity and I believe this comes through in my work with clients. Whether working with someone over a few sessions to address one or two key concerns or diving in longer-term to explore more deep-seated patterns, I strive to establish a relationship of trust and collaboration. From there, I can guide my clients in experimenting with new ways of approaching their challenges. I enjoy finding ways to translate words into action because what happens between appointments is just as important as what gets discussed in sessions.

Professional Background

I completed both my master’s and doctorate degrees in clinical psychology at Pacific University in Oregon, where my research focused on the interplay between gender roles and mental health. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at the University of San Francisco followed by a postdoctoral residency in the Adult Psychiatry department at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland. I also have experience in community clinics, substance use treatment, and emergency department consulting.

I practice what I preach when it comes to work-life balance, so I spend as much time as possible playing with my little ones, developing my green-thumb, walking, and enjoying music and meals with family. I also enjoy getting lost in audiobooks, podcasts, TV shows, and the occasional video game, particularly those with an element of darkness or suspense.

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